Activities program

Activities Programme
The activity program that runs at Aranui aims to cater for all our residents. 

Aranui Home Hospital Residents are encouraged to get involved in the wide variety of intellectual, social and physical activities.  We have 3 full time activity staff; one based in each area of the home and residents are encouraged to attend a activity that meets their needs.

We own a mini-bus, which is frequently in use to take clients on outings.

Group activity are thoughly enjoyed and we currently have a a variety of groups running, cards and quizz groups. 

Exercises forms a daily part of the program either by using Otago falls prevention program as the basis for a activity sessions or for walks in and around the facility.

We have a variety of entertainers who come to Aranui at least once a month and on special occasions.

Aranui is pet friendly and we have a regular dog (Teddy) who visits us 3 times a week .  Outdoors we a have bird avirey with a family of finches   We have regular visits from the SPCA.

A 3 monthly newsletter called Aranui link keeps residents and families up to date with outings, events and the day to day comings and going.  We have bi-monthly resident meetings in the Kowhai dining room and familes and friends are encouraged to attend.

Families and friends are welcome to join in the activities - in fact the more the merry applies.

Click here to see one of our Activity Timetables

Aranui employs 75 staff, 30 of whom are on-site at any one time. These include 3 activity staff, a physiotherapist, a divisional therapist, a clinical co-ordinator / charge nurse, a quality-control registered nurse, a health and safety co-ordinator, an educator and sundry caregivers and support personnel. Many are long-time employees, some of whom have worked at Aranui for upwards of 15 years!

The caregiving staff at Aranui are all strongly encouraged to take part in professional development courses and are involved in the Aged Care Education Programme.

Aranui has a current Safety Management Practice ACC certification.

Each person moving into Aranui receives a thorough assessment when they arrive. This covers not only their health and what they are able and unable to do, but also their likes and dislikes.

The jacaranda tree at Aranui rest home Friends and relatives of residents are welcome at Aranui every day between 10.30am  and 8:00pm and are encouraged to enjoy the extensive gardens. The roses are a particular favourite and visitors often enjoy the shade of the home's massive jacaranda tree. With four residents' lounges, the conservatory and outdoor courtyard, there is plenty of space for residents to quietly enjoy the company of their visitors.

Security is always a priority with elderly people and at Aranui all external doors are equipped with a keypad-coded lock. This ensures residents are not able to wander off the premises unnoticed or unescorted. The home is fully fenced.

Laundry and Kitchen
Residents at Aranui have all their laundry needs taken care of, and the in-house kitchen staff prepare delicious, nutritious meals on the premises. This ensures all special dietary needs of residents are catered for. A dietician oversees and approves the menus, providing hands-on quality control and tasty, home cooking.

Physiotherapy Service
We have a qualified contracted physiotherapist who works one day a week. All residents are assessed on admission and an exercise regime or rehabilitation plan is put into place to accommodate their needs. Physiotherapy assessments are also frequently carried out on residents as the needs levels change.

Hairdresser Service
We have a contracted hairdresser who visits once a fortnight.

Special Occasions
Everyone at Aranui loves a good party and the staff ensure there are plenty of these! The home celebrates Guy Fawkes, Christmas and Easter every year with additional events including garden parties and talent quests.

Family / Whanau Room
The family / whanau room at Aranui rest homeUsed by residents and family members frequently.

This lovely sunny room looks out onto the courtyard and is used by residents and family members to have lunch together or just to sit and relax in the sun. It is equipped with a residents' phone line which enables residents and family members to phone loved ones with ease.

Conservatory      Courtyard